resources and Tips

Resources and Tips

 Here you will find stories about clients who have blown past their obstacles to posts, articles and book recommendations. Subscribe to my updates to be the first to find out whenever a new piece is published.


As a coach, one of the key areas I explore with my clients are their values. VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute  provides an excellent free report you get about your strengths and values when you answer a 10 minute survey.

The "heroic" program for self-development

I learnt about Heroic: Heroic | The Training Platform for Heroes back in 2021 and started listening to some of their free content - The +1s - These are micro-ideas for reflection and I loved them. Since then, I signed up for their Heroic Coach program to delve more deeper into their materials. I can say that it is an amazing resource for self-development.

As a member, I have a referral code for their program which will give you free access to try out their program. I highly recommend this program. Access the flyers below to get your discount and trial!

Book Recommendations


As a coach, my clients often talk to me about transforming their habits. These are my favorite books on Habits:

Negotiations and hard conversations:

As a coach, my clients often talk to me about challenges they have in influencing others and negotiating/speaking up for their needs. These are my favorite books on the subject:

Have any of your favorite recommendations? I'd love to hear