Client Testimonials


I am grateful to share verbatim comments from many of the clients I have worked with so far. If you would like to leave a testimonial please contact me.

"It was the most powerful session and now I understand why ppl vouch for life coach. I was amazed how you figured out that I was inspired by someone (in this case ...). I missed the 360 degree view and instead always looked at the positive side. Thank you once again. I will highly recommend you as a coach."

-N.V., April 2022. Coaching areas: Habits and prioritization

"Session was VERY useful - now to see if I can APPLY it. ...What we discussed is definitely helping me on many levels - WHEN I do it. And when I don't, I feel the pain....Have planned the top 3 things I want to do this week, blocked out time to get it done, specific times for email & few other daily "must dos". I liked how you asked the questions to make me extract the answers from my own brain. I liked that you repeated back certain things to make sure what you heard & what I said were aligned. Super important to make sure we're on the same page about the core issues & the specific goals. Thought the pre-meeting table was great and wasn't an overwhelming 1 page doc - it forced me to focus."

 -M.M, March 2022. Coaching areas: Productivity at work

"I have found working with Kavita very valuable. She is insightful, quickly recognizes the underlying issue and comes with thought provoking questions which leads me to challenge my assumptions. Rather than giving solutions, she aims at helping me get to them which are in line with my authentic self . She makes me feel comfortable about sharing different issues and the key take-aways from discussions are very practical to implement. She also follows up on them to ensure progress. She is direct, but at the same time very respectful.  I really enjoy working with Kavita and look forward to my discussions as an opportunity to learn from her immense experience"

-A.A, May 2022. Coaching areas: Career growth

"Kavita as the coach was approachable and was open-minded to hear the problems. The solution for most of our problems is within us, we realize it when we speak out. As a coach, she made me think and do introspection first considering the other factors that would influence our thoughts do not exist at all. It was easy to connect with her. She is humble and thought-provoking."

-D.G, April 2022. Coaching areas: Thriving as Product Manager

"Kavita, I am so grateful for your insightful coaching. You are very perceptive, on the mark, and kind with what I needed to change/ do to move forward with my career. As a trained professional, you are truly a master of your subject. You have given me invaluable source of advice, motivation and guidance.  You are truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach. You’re the BEST!"

-S.A, June 2022. Coaching areas: Confidence

"The power of a mentor is often in forcing the mentee to think about a topic more than they would have otherwise.  Our sessions became a forcing function for me to dive into a challenge with a level of diligence that is a fruit of our relationship. I appreciate that our conversations helped me to be consistent and bolder to speak my convictions on a topic even it may lead to tensions at the moment. It proves the power of having a coach to talk to. Thanks!"

-P.T, April 2022. Coaching areas: Leading Hard Conversations and Executive Presence

"Kavita has coached me and helped me grow during one of the most challenging moments in my personal life and career. Kavita approached the topic in a relatable and thoughtful way, helping me unblock myself by asking thought-provoking questions and making helpful and constructive suggestions. Being a woman in tech is a unique experience, and there is no one-size-fits all approach to career growth, especially at a large tech company. Kavita helped me navigate the journey of becoming a strong self-advocate and create the environment that will help me succeed." 

-G.P., May 2022. Coaching areas: Self-advocating to be effective working with others

"Kavita has been invaluable to my personal and professional progression. In navigating the trials and tribulations of life, Kavita has been a generous person who has held me accountable and instilled life lessons that will stay with me forever - system-first thinking, identity-based thinking and ruthless prioritization are some of the hard truths that gets one to focus on at any given moment that leads to progress. She is very patient and her scrupulous nature gets her to pick the tiniest of details which lead to thought-provoking questions and exploration. She has been an accountability partner, which has forced me to take actions and change my mindset for the better. I will whole-heartedly recommend Kavita to anyone looking for help on unlocking and maximizing their potential. She can be life-changing!"

-D.P., March 2022. Coaching areas: Setting new habits, Career decisions 

"I worked with Kavita at a point where I was feeling quite stuck in my life. My career was moving along but I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to do in my next chapter. With Kavita’s supportive coaching style and easy rapport building, I was able to start experimenting with some of my ideas and see how they shape up. She encouraged me to be open to whatever emerges and shared many tools to help me look deeper for what motivates me. We only did a few sessions, but it was very effective in helping me prioritize and make progress towards my long term goals. Thanks Kavita!"

 -J.S., April 2022. Coaching areas: Career decisions

"My life coach experience with Kavita was remarkable. Her insight and perspective truly helped me clarify and articulate my goals.  She takes the time to listen and ask thought provoking questions. She helps people to realize their potential by getting to the core of what is holding them back and then helping guide them to reach their potential. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a soul-centered coach who will demonstrate her commitment to you"

-T.S., November 2022. Coaching areas: Career transition

“Kavita helped me during a hard career transition, with my team and people around me changing roles. She coached me with introspective questions and helped me hone in on the root cause of my worries. She then worked with me and helped me identify the next steps I could take to get more clarity. Some contributing factors for my problem were not what I had considered at the beginning of our sessions and some issues I thought I had with the situation were not really relevant at all to my long term goals in my career. All in all, Kavita helped me get to clarity from ambiguity when I did not know how to myself”

-D.N., November 2022. Coaching areas: Career transition, navigating reorg

"I worked with Kavita for a situation at work, where I wanted to grow but also had a mental block and was not willing to give my 100%. Due to the confusion in my mind, I vaguely explained my situation, Kavita quickly realized I was all over the place and asked direct and thought-provoking questions. When there were a few moments of awkward silence, she patiently asked creative questions which made me think hard and go deeper. That led me to narrow down and verbalize the issue that was holding me back. I had some 'Aha' moments during the conversation and towards the end felt confident and ready to tackle the new opportunity at work. I highly recommend Kavita as a life coach."

-S.C., December 2022. Coaching areas: Career growth and work-life balance

"It was truly a very valuable session. I was initially skeptical on how a coaching session might help me, but Kavita's insightful perspectives were truly powerful. She is able to quickly recognize the underlying issue and also provide suggestions that I could use to move forward. She is able to help guide in a way that still resonates with my core inner values and come up with some actionable takeaways from the discussion. I really enjoyed working with her."

-H.T., January 2023. Coaching areas: Navigating reorgs and advocating for a promotion at work

"My session with Kavita was very valuable. She asked insightful questions that made me dig deep and see things that were making me feel stuck from a different perspective. I got clarity on what to do when faced with opportunities that do not align with my goals, passion, and interest. She also provided actionable steps I can take to get a better picture of my ideal role, team members and problems to solve. I am very pleased with my session with Kavita and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a career/life coach."

-R.D., February 2023. Coaching areas: Aligning work with long term aspirations